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A signage is basically a way to tell people or customers that what something is and where to go with the help of the signs and advertise a product or store. Want to know more? So it is a design or the use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific number of people for the purpose of selling or marketing. The main purpose is to communicate or to convert the information to promote, identify, provide information, give directions or to raise safety awareness and to assist that the receiver to buy or try the product based on the information provided. Now you would be thinking as if signage is all relatively the same, But no, there are some different ways of presenting messages.

Regardless of what type of sign you have signage is used in many ways, knowing of what the  exact purpose of your sign is can help you create a more intentional and functional design that will better help accomplish your goals

For a better understanding of signage, let’s look at some of its types which are as follows:

1.Exterior Signage or Outdoor Signage

2. Interior Signage

Let’s define each of the types as follows:

Exterior Signage

Exterior Signage or Outdoor Signage are types of signage which is basically installed on any storefront or anywhere like highways. The exterior of your storefront speaks volumes about your business. When it comes to outdoor signage, there is an overwhelming variety. Trying to decide on which type of signage to use can become extremely stressful for many businesses. Because exterior signage is the first representation of your business and if it would be eye-catching more customers will come inside the store or business. The value of outdoor signs is well known to retailers and researchers alike. In a study  by signage

Now we are going to study some different types of outdoor signs

  • Directional Signs: Sometimes bright, dynamic and eye-catching termed LED message centers are electronic displays that let you show text  graphics and even videos are really a great way for catching attention, promoting purchases or announcing events
  • Awnings: They are basically made of canvas over a metal frame, Awnings can feature your company name and it not just only promotes your business but even provide shelter for those who enter the store, restaurant or other building.
  • Monument signs: Built of brick, concrete, steel or even high density foam, Monument signs have a low price and are placed in front of a building or at the entrance to campus, mall or subdivision
  • Pole signs: They are the freestanding pole signs highly visible to drivers. Located often tower above buildings and trees so they can be seen from afar. The term pole and pylon signs are sometimes used interchangeably, but pylon signs are usually taller and meant to seem from greater distances than pole signs.
  • Window graphics:  Windows graphics are usually positioned where customers can’t miss them so, this is a proven way to promote products and services. Window graphics just had to be mounted next to the entry doors.
  • Outdoor banners: The best ideal solution to announce a grand opening, but it is temporary, used to alert people to special events or promote a sale in a highly affordable price tag.
  •  Directional Signs: Sometimes mounted to buildings and at other times freestanding, these signs make it easy for visitors to find their way. directional signs basically help people for easily getting the direction through your building, office complex or campus

Interior Signage

Interior signage is the types of signage that are installed inside the shops, malls, cinemas, etc. Interior signage makes the inside view of the shop very beautiful. Now, interior signage is a critical element in conveying your messages and conveying your brand. We have to integrate text and graphics to redefine the look, feel, meaning, and purpose of the built environment. Now the important part is interior signage helps customers and clients to find their way easily around premises, and this is one of the primary objectives of internal signage. It is used to present offers to customers or even boost morale for your businesses 

Now we are going to study some different types of interior signage and their uses:

  • Banners:  As we all know, Banners are a popular form of cost-effective advertising we see everywhere around us. Whether used temporarily or as a permanent fixture, or promotion. it is the best and ideal solution to display and promote messages and offers for clients
  • Wall Art:  want to brighten up any location or your office or place from the inside? Wall art is extremely effective with an eye-catching, graphic, or message. used to showcase previous work to stylize the workplace
  • Directional Signage:  For a workplace with a large floor plan, the new customers have difficulties finding the specific room or office, so, in this situation, directional signs can be an ideal way of informing the customers where they need to go. These signs can make it easy to navigate the building and can improve traffic flow.
  • ADA Signs:  ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are the interior signs to help those with disabilities to navigate your office or store easily. So here are some of the requirements for ADA sign
  1.  All signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters
  2.  All ADA signs must have easy to read lettering
  3.  Characters height should be 5/8 inch minimum and 2 inch maximum
  4. Character spacing or kerning is required so that characters can be traced with fingers.