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Why Use Signage

Why Use Signage


A signage is basically a way to tell people or customers that what something is and where to go with the help of the signs and advertise a product or store. Want to know more? So it is a design or the use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific number of people for the purpose of selling or marketing. The main purpose is to communicate or to convert the information to promote, identify, provide information, give directions or to raise safety awareness and to assist that the receiver to buy or try the product based on the information provided. Now you would be thinking as if signage is all relatively the same, But no, there are some different ways of presenting messages.

Regardless of what type of sign you have signage is used in many ways, knowing of what the  exact purpose of your sign is can help you create a more intentional and functional design that will better help accomplish your goals

For a better understanding of signage, let’s look at some of its types which are as follows:

1.Exterior Signage or Outdoor Signage

2. Interior Signage

Let’s define each of the types as follows:

Exterior Signage

Exterior Signage or Outdoor Signage are types of signage which is basically installed on any storefront or anywhere like highways. The exterior of your storefront speaks volumes about your business. When it comes to outdoor signage, there is an overwhelming variety. Trying to decide on which type of signage to use can become extremely stressful for many businesses. Because exterior signage is the first representation of your business and if it would be eye-catching more customers will come inside the store or business. The value of outdoor signs is well known to retailers and researchers alike. In a study  by signage

Now we are going to study some different types of outdoor signs

  • Directional Signs: Sometimes bright, dynamic and eye-catching termed LED message centers are electronic displays that let you show text  graphics and even videos are really a great way for catching attention, promoting purchases or announcing events
  • Awnings: They are basically made of canvas over a metal frame, Awnings can feature your company name and it not just only promotes your business but even provide shelter for those who enter the store, restaurant or other building.
  • Monument signs: Built of brick, concrete, steel or even high density foam, Monument signs have a low price and are placed in front of a building or at the entrance to campus, mall or subdivision
  • Pole signs: They are the freestanding pole signs highly visible to drivers. Located often tower above buildings and trees so they can be seen from afar. The term pole and pylon signs are sometimes used interchangeably, but pylon signs are usually taller and meant to seem from greater distances than pole signs.
  • Window graphics:  Windows graphics are usually positioned where customers can’t miss them so, this is a proven way to promote products and services. Window graphics just had to be mounted next to the entry doors.
  • Outdoor banners: The best ideal solution to announce a grand opening, but it is temporary, used to alert people to special events or promote a sale in a highly affordable price tag.
  •  Directional Signs: Sometimes mounted to buildings and at other times freestanding, these signs make it easy for visitors to find their way. directional signs basically help people for easily getting the direction through your building, office complex or campus

Interior Signage

Interior signage is the types of signage that are installed inside the shops, malls, cinemas, etc. Interior signage makes the inside view of the shop very beautiful. Now, interior signage is a critical element in conveying your messages and conveying your brand. We have to integrate text and graphics to redefine the look, feel, meaning, and purpose of the built environment. Now the important part is interior signage helps customers and clients to find their way easily around premises, and this is one of the primary objectives of internal signage. It is used to present offers to customers or even boost morale for your businesses 

Now we are going to study some different types of interior signage and their uses:

  • Banners:  As we all know, Banners are a popular form of cost-effective advertising we see everywhere around us. Whether used temporarily or as a permanent fixture, or promotion. it is the best and ideal solution to display and promote messages and offers for clients
  • Wall Art:  want to brighten up any location or your office or place from the inside? Wall art is extremely effective with an eye-catching, graphic, or message. used to showcase previous work to stylize the workplace
  • Directional Signage:  For a workplace with a large floor plan, the new customers have difficulties finding the specific room or office, so, in this situation, directional signs can be an ideal way of informing the customers where they need to go. These signs can make it easy to navigate the building and can improve traffic flow.
  • ADA Signs:  ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are the interior signs to help those with disabilities to navigate your office or store easily. So here are some of the requirements for ADA sign
  1.  All signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters
  2.  All ADA signs must have easy to read lettering
  3.  Characters height should be 5/8 inch minimum and 2 inch maximum
  4. Character spacing or kerning is required so that characters can be traced with fingers.          
What are the advantages of car wrap?

What are the advantages of car wrap?

Car wrapping is a process of wrapping the car with excellent vinyl foil. This film has a UV-resistant, scratch-resistant laminate that extends its durability. You can wrap the car in a matte or smooth color.

One of the most common ways to customize your vehicle is to invest in a new coat of paint. However, quality paint jobs are quite expensive, and the only recourse to a below-budget “budget” paint job is to spend even more money on repainting or living with disappointing results.

 Vinyl wrap is becoming so common that you’ve probably seen multiple cars wrapped up on the road without realizing it. Review a car’s vinyl wrap, check Out these other benefits:

What are the benefits of a car wrap?


New custom paint jobs can cost up to $ 20,000, which doesn’t even include disassembly and assembly costs, and other hidden charges. Also, if your car has dents, dents, or rust stains, you can expect to pay even more. Vinyl car wrap costs a fraction of that price.

  1. Vinyl wrapping is a quick process.

Custom paint jobs are not only expensive but also require time probably days, sometimes weeks, to complete. It means you won’t have access to your car during that time. Vinyl wrapping, on the other hand, is a quick process, generally taking a day or less. The only time-consuming part of the fitting process is deciding what color or design you want.


In addition to updating the look of your car, the vinyl wrap also protects your car’s factory paint job from scratches, swirl marks, discoloration, corrosion, and minor damage. Even if you like existing paint color, it’s a great idea to invest in clear vinyl wrap just for protection, as it will help keep your vehicle’s exterior finish in excellent condition.


It does not devalue the resale value of your car like a paint job does. Guarantees and leases remain valid. Painting can void warranties, increase the cost of insurance, and is not even an option with a contract. The cost of a car wrap is considerably less than a comparable paint job. Peel it off when you want to sell it or trade it in.


If you’re a business owner, regardless of size, wrapping your car in personalized advertising can be one of the best investments you make. And considering how affordable vinyl wrap is, you can change the design or message as often as you like.


Just rewrap the section that needs repair. It is difficult to say that it is not painting. Due to our paint wrapping technique, it looks like it sprayed. You don’t need to wrap your whole car; Only your hood, roof, mirrors, stripes, etc.


Car wraps are more durable and difficult to scratch. If repairs are needed, the damaged part can easily replace, providing a perfect match. Hides bumps or scratches and “refreshes” the look of your vehicle.


Yes, this is not a problem. It recommends maintaining your car correctly, just like a car without paint. Also, keep in mind that the first four days after the wrap has applied, you should not wash or polish the vehicle because the foil is not yet fully adhered to.

 Some tips for maintaining the car wrap:

  • Preferably wash the car by hand.
  • When going to the car wash, use hot wax for extra protection.
  • Choose a standard car shampoo and a not too hard sponge, cloth, or anything that can chafe.
  • When using high pressure always keep a sufficient distance, we recommend a distance of at least one meter. 

You can have the car wrap removed if, for example, it has damaged too much or if you do not want it anymore. There will then no adhesive residues left, and the paint will look just like before the car wrap.

  1. Durability

If car wraps are installed properly and if it’s properly taken care of then it lasts for a very long time. If a car wrap is diligently maintained then it can last about for 7 years. A customer starts to notice the difference probably within to 6 years when the color stars to fade. But these are natural and minor things. You can easily remove the car wrap when you feel that the color has faded and your car is not providing the desired looks. As it is a cost effective solution so it is a great idea to invest in the car wraps.


Your company car gets everywhere on the road. The b el crashing your car or truck is the best way to attract attention.

Show your company and advertise it in the area with advertising on your car. Car lettering costs about as much as a newspaper advertisement, except that the lettering on your company car or truck will last for years.

 Creative designs and applications of high-quality lettering materials are the starting point for the original and compelling lettering of your company.

Your fleet is part of your company and therefore falls under your corporate identity. A company car is a mobile business card for your company, which is seen by many potential customers every day.

 Your vehicle is a moving advertisement and is much more effective than a one-time newspaper advertisement. Car advertising sells itself, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore


Lanyards with logo

Lanyards with logo

Over the years, business owners have adopted various expensive and somewhat ineffective business advertisement strategies, such as social media ads, newspapers and magazines, billboards, and others to increase brand awareness. Still, with the advent of promotional product marketing strategy, so many business owners have dumped the idea of utilizing media, billboards, and others in the promulgation of their products and services. One of these promotional products that are being currently used by businesses to promote brand awareness is the lanyard with logo. 

Lanyards come with several uses; they can be used to hold ID cards, name tags, flash drives, and other little accessories. Though small, lanyards with logo can draw attention to your brands, increase impression, and brand awareness. Lanyards are very affordable, and they can be utilized across different disciplines, ranging from sports games, corporate functions, including educational events, etc. Lanyard with logo can make a huge impact; they come with adequate space to imprint whatever message you wish to transmit; these lanyards can bear the logo of your company with the aim of increase the awareness of your brand. The fantastic thing about this merchandise is that they are quite affordable, so you can build brand awareness without having to break the bank.

As a business proprietor, you can customize whatever logo you desire on these lanyards and gift them to your new or existing customers to gain their loyalty. In turn, these people would be more than willing to do business with you. Lanyards with logo come in diverse colors and designs, so you have a variety of these accessories at your disposal.

Lanyards are quite famous, and they boast of several utilities, which makes them one of the best promotional products out there, so having a lanyard with your logo is an excellent idea for your business. Gifting your customers a lanyard with your logo as a promotional gift can put your brand in the spotlight. Why? Simple! Whoever wears them will carry your logo wherever he or she goes, and by doing so, such a person inadvertently preaches your brand.

 Discovering the ideal lanyard with logo to represent your brand, event, meeting, or conference is quite easy with a panoply of colors, types, and styles at your disposal.  If the customer you are trying to reach is a sports enthusiast, a lanyard with logo with the color of a team would be perfect.  There are several charities out there that make use of certain colors, and a lanyard with logo that comes in those colors at a charity event is an ideal way to bring your business brand to the spotlight. If you wish to signal to the world that you are prepared to take in clients awhile, taking good care of your customer base, a lanyard Imprinted with your logo is the perfect way to do this.

Tech Gadgets with your Logo

Tech Gadgets with your Logo

If you are the observant type, you will notice that individuals are often on the go lately, and this makes tech promotional gadgets the best way to bring your brand to the spotlight. Just take a look at this awesome stat: per annum, an average individual initiates approximately 8,000 public calls and texts. That is about 8,000 chances that your brand will get the exposure it needs, whether the tech gadget is a portable charger that has your logo crested on it, an earbud, a stylus pen, etc. 

Investing in promotional tech gadgets is an excellent way to put your brand out there. These tech gadgets that have your logo imprinted on them can be USB sticks, printed stylus pens, fitness watches, promotional power banks, etc. For the best outcome ensure that your logo is beautifully imprinted on these gadgets and make sure that the gadgets are trendy and not stale, as no one would take much time to stare at an old-fashioned tech gadget. And what’s the point of giving out promotional products if no one would glance at them? 

You could go for a tech gadget such as a portable charger with your logo crested on it. Portable chargers are one of the bestselling tech promotional gadgets, and this is simply because they are cheap, useful, and comes with lots of space for your logo and contact information. If you give such a gadget to your new or existing customers, they will always remember your company when you save them from having the much dreaded dead battery.

By presenting your customer with a tech gadget that comes with your logo, you are trading your giveaway for their loyalty which they will no doubt love to offer you; their commitment will be their payment for your kind gesture. Once you’ve gained the loyalty of your customers, they are very likely to go for your brand when next they need a product or service similar to that which you offer.  Offering your customers little tech gadgets that have your logo printed on it can be a very cheap tactic for your business to invest in. As a small-scale company, you might not have the millions that are required to do a billboard advert or a TV advert. However, with the use of certain promotional products such as a tech gadget with your logo, you can still achieve your marketing goals without stretching your pocket.

Certainly, the features of tech promotional products make them a huge hit. What makes these products unique is that you must not have a tech-focused business to garner the benefits of adopting this type of marketing strategy. Tech gadgets that come with your brand logo will be utilized by your new or existing customers simply because these gadgets which can be anything ranging from USB cards, Lanyard USB drive, car chargers, USB power banks, etc., tend to make life easy. They’ll be certainly thrilled to have these products.

Party Props

Party Props

 Party props are good decoration materials, and they come with several uses as well. Traditionally, these props, which can also be called favours are the minute trinkets offered at the birthdays of children in goody bags crammed with several prop materials like Disney princesses or race cars which are usually provided by the host while you leave.  The meaning of party props changes and this depends on where it is used. In college, party props mean a different thing entirely. These props can be described anything utilized by a performer to display a scene on the stage while performing. As a performer in a party, during certain performances, you’ll surely need a couple of party crops to bring more life to your performance.

In college, some social gatherings are quite intimidating, so it might end up being a bad idea if you show up at such parties just like that. Party props come with several uses; colours, sizes and designs as well, but these props are normally used as communication initiators, or they can be used as a way to stand out from a crowd full of other people. Imagine wearing a joker prop and strolling into a crowd; certainly, you’ll have several eyes on you. You’ll become a perfect enigma.

So, at this point, you might want to know the various types of these props that exist. Well, a party prop can be a plate of freshly-baked cookies, a spray paint, a puppy, eyeglasses, a comic character, hat, tags, beards, quotes, crowns, and the endless list goes on! Party props are often worn with regards to the occasion. It is very certain that whenever you step into a party with one of these party props, you will quickly become popular and you will have fun as well. It is not just science; it is party science!

Attending a party with a party prop can help you make more friends. How? Quite simple. Imagine attending a friend’s party, one that boasts of a huge number of attendees. Without a party prop, you’ll look like everyone else, no difference whatsoever. You will end up talking to the few people you are accustomed to and probably get to know one or two more individuals. Do you think they care who you are? Probably. Now imagine, you show up in a nice party prop, let’s say a magician hat and a moustache, coupled with huge glasses. Surely, with such an appearance, you’ll stand out from the crowd, and everyone would want to associate with you, which means that you get to make more friends. People love associating with whatever is unique, and party props provide you with that unique appearance.

Party props can also be beneficial as a go-to-story or a fun game if peradventure you find yourself running low on cash or money.

Personalized USB

Personalized USB

One of the easiest way to save and move files! A personalized USB is an effective promotional tool that comes in diverse memory sizes, all adorned with your beautifully printed brand logo. Offering your customers free personalized USB flash drives are one of the most versatile ways to develop a sturdy connection. Though small, gifting your new or existing customers, this promotional gadget can help your business gain popularity. Personalized USB is a perfect tool for increasing the exposure of your brand; they are also very beneficial for clients, including employees who utilize this device often at work. You can print whatever you want on this personalized USB, be it your brand logo, contact info, etc. and then offer them to your customers as freebies.

This personalized USB come in diverse designs, colours, and shape and are one of the most effective promotional products because they boast of several uses. The more these personalized USB are used by your customers, the more they remember your brand; the more they remember your brand, the more likely they are to opt for your brand when next they need a product or a service similar to that which you offer.

What every business owner crave for is the popularity of his or her brand. A popular brand will certainly have a huge customer base, and a huge customer base means more sales and more sales equally means more profit. People opt for certain marketing strategies to gain this popularity; the bigger companies’ splash cash on several extravagant means of advertisement while the small-scale businesses opt for other low-budget means.  A low-budget an effective means that achieve your marketing goals is the use of promotional products like personalized USB. Using these USBs as a promotional product is a right way to go in this era of data sharing. These personalized drives boast of several thrilling features like large printing surfaces, huge storage space, and personalized printing that will certainly boost your advertising efforts and provide your brand with its much-deserved attention

Personalized USB is a cheap and very effective marketing strategy. You can put your brand out there with this personalized USB. Since they are on-the-go products, you are sure that they will garner enough impression for your brand. Aside from helping your company gain the loyalty of your customers, this personalized USB can also provide your brand with referrals. The referral can be a colleague of your customer who falls in love with the personalized USB which was gifted to him or her by your company, and in a move to get such freebie such a colleague can choose to shift his or her loyalty to your company.

As a business proprietor, if you aim to make a long-lasting impression in the minds of your new or existing customers, then you need to go for a quality promotional product, one that comes with several utilities and also displays the essence of your brand.

Wristbands with Logo

Wristbands with Logo

Wristbands with logo, preferably that of your brand is a perfect promotional product, one that can create awareness for your brand. These wristbands with logo are quite safe and pocket-friendly; they can also showcase any message of your choice on a unique advertising space; in other words, they are a perfect promotional product and giveaway item.

Also referred to as rubber bracelets, these wristbands with logo are most times used to promote a business and assist with branding, but it as well comes with other uses.There are several non-profit organizations out there that use wristbands with logo to promote a cause.

 Wristbands with logo can be viewed as an effective marketing tool because they are quite flashy, and as we know, flashy things tend to draw stares; and with the stares comes the awareness, after the awareness comes to the curiosity; and at the end of the day, an individual who knows nothing about your brand ends up becoming a customer simply because of that attractive wristband that has the logo of your brand on it. Unlike other promotional products that are mainly used indoors, wristbands with logo can bring your brand to the spotlight. How? Simple! We all wear wristbands to several occasions, the more the occasions and events, the more the impression.

Consider gifting your customers a wristband with logo as a sign of appreciation; and mind you, to spice things up a bit, ensure that it’s an attractive wristband, one that can draw stares from all angles.  Surely, after carrying out that act, you’ll have the loyalty of your customers, both new and existing, without breaking the bank. These wristbands with logo come in diverse colours, designs, and shape; thus, making them an ideal promotional product for you and your brand.

Unlike other marketing strategies, such as newspapers and magazines, social media ads, billboards, and the rest, customers who are presented with these wristbands that have your logo on it, often feel appreciated and loved. Since humans are well known to love freebies, the best way to retain that customer and maintain his or her loyalty is by adopting the promotional product marketing strategy, and the use of wristbands with logo is one of those products you can use to carry out this strategy.

A newspaper advert of your product or services can vanish from the respective minds of your target customers, the same thing goes with other marketing strategies, but a promotional product like a wristband with your brand logo will always bring your business to the mind of its users. If beguiling enough, these wristbands can help reel in referrals who want to do business with you because of the freebies you offer. If you want your business to stand out from the rest, ensure you do something that your competitors aren’t doing; adopt wristbands with logo to promote your business. 

Benefits of Custom Corporate Gifts

Benefits of Custom Corporate Gifts

Customized corporate gifts can be any simple item like a coffee mug, a key holder, a pen, USB keys, office accessories, and even drinking bottles that have the logo of your company imprinted on them. Though you may feel that these items are quite small, of course, it’s just a pen and nothing more; but one thing you should know is that, in the case of pleasing customers, the smallest things or gestures counts! Below are a few benefits of customized corporate gifts.

1.     Promote your B2B relationships

Companies are made up of individuals, and we humans love receiving gifts; it makes us happy. If you wish to grab the attention of an individual, offer such a person a gift. If you give a promotional product that is beneficial in an office setting, it will remind such office of your kind gestures and goodwill. That single act can help you in developing a rigid relationship with current and potential clients.

2.     Increase your brand recognition

If you want to put your brand in the spotlight without spending much, the best and one of the most effective ways of doing that is by gifting out customized corporate gifts to your current and existing customers. By sharing gifts that has your logo and most importantly, your contact info, you are putting the name of your company out there. When your customers receive gifts from your company, it makes them feel loved and special; and they pay you back for your kind gestures by sticking with you and your company.

3.     Saves your business some cash

The use of corporate gift to advertise your brand a cost-effective way of advertising your company. You would agree that other methods of advertising are quite expensive compared to the corporate gift strategy. One of the benefits that customized corporate gift has over other methods of advertisement is that, these gifts are often retained and unitized frequently by customers; thus increasing impression and brand awareness.

4.     Helps your company maintain the loyalty of your customers

One of the best ways of maintaining customer loyalty is by offering them customized corporate gifts. Anyone who receives this gift would surely want to provide you with repeat business. How you treat your customers’ matters, and customers who are treated well would want to reciprocate by choosing to do business with you over and over again irrespective of your competitors. Offering customized corporate gifts to your customers can as well strengthen the partnership connection between the stakeholders of your business.

5.     Creates more leads

By imprinting the name, and contact details of your company on that customized corporate gift, you raise awareness, concern, and interest in your business. With these gifts, you can capture the email addresses of prospective customers. Customers are very loyal to a company that shows them love by offering them gifts.

License Plate Frames With Logo

License Plate Frames With Logo

Provide your marketing message with wheels, and you will be stunned with how far it will travel! License plates with logo are one of the best ways to tell the world about your brand. With these effective promotional tools, you can successfully make all vehicles out there a moving billboard for your business. This type of customized frame allows your brand logo to be properly advertised as you or whosoever you present this frame to journey down the highway, city, or the country.

A license plate frame with your company logo is by all standards a great way to advertise your brand and gain popularity. These frames are quite cheap, so you will be spending less to reap a huge reward which is creating the perfect brand awareness for your business with the aid of these effective marketing tools.

Certainly, installing billboards in highways and roads is one of the best marketing strategies out there, but how many billboards are out there? Surely, the number of billboards that exist can’t be compared to the number of cars that are out there. Also, there are some areas and roads that don’t allow billboards. Unlike billboards, cars roam the roads each second so imagine having license plate frames with your logo on it affixed to these cars; surely, there’ll be many eyes on such frames thus creating the awareness your business is in dire need of.

You may conclude that presenting customers with something as trivial as a license plate frame that has the logo of your company on it isn’t a good idea, but that present which seems “trivial” can make you reap several benefits. These license plates frames with your brand logo can deliver serious exposure for your business or organization at a cost-effective price. Just think of how a batch of license plate frames with your company logo can help bring your brand to the spotlight. Hundreds or even thousands of drivers can affix your frames to their vehicles, which denotes that they will act as a great mobile billboard for your brand each time they ply the road or whenever their cars are visible to the public.

Be it parked in a parking lot that is crammed with several cars, or busting down the highway, your advertising message including your brand name will be on displayed to the public, and your company will certainly experience a massive lift in its brand awareness.

Also, these license plates with your logo can be a perfect promotional product. Surely, there is no one who doesn’t enjoy freebies, so whoever you present these frames to will certainly be thrilled to receive such from you and such a person would want to pledge his or her loyalty to your company or organization simply because of that little kind gesture.

In the business world of today, customers are the greatest asset; therefore it is the primary goal of every business organization or company to adopt any means whatsoever to get customers, and not only that, to get their loyalty as well. With the use of certain promotional products like a license plate frame with your brand logo, you can beat off your competitors and record a massive customer increase in your business.

Benefits of Promotional Products

Benefits of Promotional Products

If you wish to raise your brand awareness, promotional products are the best way to achieve this aim. If you deal with promotional products, then by now you should know how they influence your company. Promotional products are very valuable to both new and existing customers. Gifting that new or existing customer of yours something as little as a beautifully branded pen can help in maintaining their loyalty. It would be best if you never underestimated the power of promotional products for branding, as they can skyrocket your business to the next level. Below are a few benefits of promotional products:

Raises brand awareness

All businesses aim to create the best reputation for themselves. Their wish is to be unique, do things differently from their competitors, and provide their customers with the best experience via their products and services. How do they do this? The answer is quite simple; they adopt the “Promotional product” strategy. Promotional products, be it a pen, a notebook, a fancy key holder, tend to be kept for an extended period, thus, they reinforce brand exposure. You may be surprised at the fact that around 6 out of 10 individuals retain their promotional products for up to two years.

Invokes retention and loyalty

The best way to create a long-lasting and sturdy customer loyalty and retention is by embracing the use of promotional products.  Frequent exposure to these products, which could be anything that has your brand on it, makes it quite easy for whoever owns the product to remember the brand associated with that particular product. And when these persons remember your brand, you stand a chance of transacting with them. By giving out a promotional product, you make the recipient feel that they have to reciprocate; and the best way they can do this is to do business with you.

The best and cheapest marketing strategy 

If you are on the lookout for an effective and affordable way to market your product, then a promotional product is what you need. Other marketing strategies such as media are quite expensive, and sometimes they aren’t as effective as promotional products. Promotional products, unlike different marketing strategy, don’t adopt word of mouth technique, this marketing strategy adopts a more effective technique.

Since promotional products are generally transferred from one individual to another, this would raise your impression, and your brand reputation would certainly benefit from such achievement.

Makes you stand out from your competitors

Doing something that your competitors aren’t doing can make you stand out; certainly, whatever you choose to do must be captivating enough to capture the attention and loyalty of your target customers. Promotional products, unlike business cards, can be tailored to meet your business needs and target audience. One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness is to make use of a certain catchphrase that draws more personality to your brand, and you should always ensure that you are out there searching for the latest products and trends that you can crest your name on.